Album 2 of 500: Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation

February 21, 2010

BAND: Sonic Youth
ALBUM: Daydream Nation
LABEL: Engima


Sonic Youth is a household name in music, as influenical as the Velvet Underground and still touring and recording albums almost 30 years later.  Formed in 1981, Sonic Youth didn’t really get on the map until the release of  DayDream Nation.  After a number of great albums, Daydream Nation really defined their sound. Thurston Moore  described the record when it was reissued as a box set in 2006, “a celebration of the sprawling wilderness that is the musical America and beyond. No limits, no boundaries. The feeling of mystery.  Made us famous whether we liked it or not.”  Noted as an indie masterpiece by most, Daydream Nation is a brilliant recording. Each song is an awesome combination of noise and poetry. “Teenage Riot” an anthem of pure distortion.  “Providence” sounds like a morning after the night on the town. “The Sprawl” defines Kim’s Gordon signature vocals, and  “Eric’s Trip” portrays Lee Ranaldo beat like poetry to the greatest extent. Truly an amazing album, Daydream Nation is an arts and crafts project of perfect noise.

RM CRESSER © 2010 500 Rad Records


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