Album 7 of 500: Hole – Live Through This

March 10, 2010

BAND: Hole
ALBUM: Live Through This
RELEASE DATE: April 1994

Courtney Love.  A hack, a has been, the Yoko Ono of Nirvana and a murderer…? Not only Kurt died of a “suicide” but so did Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff two months after Cobain. Regardless of her personal mess, Courtney Love will always have a fantastic album. Hole’s follow up to the ear bleeding, Pretty on the Inside, Live Through This was an angry riot grrl album. Cleaner than Bikini Kill and not as sassy as Liz Phair, Courtney was a crazy mess and wanted to let the world know.  She dressed like that one doll the tom boy had, abused and dirty.  Her lyrics spoke of a woman’s confusion with sex, fitting in to society, physical abuse, drug abuse and parenthood.  One can argue, if it wasn’t for Kurt Cobain, Courtney would be a no name.  However, here is the DGC connection, Sonic Youth was on DGC.  Kim Gordon really liked Courtney Love. Let’s take the Rolling Stone magazine approach, forgot Courtney’s personal life and focus on the music.  Live Through This is an extremely dark record.  A song that can be used as an example is “Jennifer’s Body.” “I’m pure and he hits me again/with a bullet, number one, kill the family, save the son.”  Not only is that disturbing but the chorus as well, “found pieces of Jennifer’s body.”  Like Weezer, Hole’s second album was a powerhouse of dark songs, intriguing and personal lyrics.  Four years later, they follow up with the pop like garbage, Celebrity Skin. Kim Gordon had faith in Courtney Love’s music, and maybe if Courtney’s personal life wasn’t as bad as it is, Hole may have been as popular as Weezer today.

RM CRESSER © 2010 500 Rad Records


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