Album 8 of 500: Small Factory – For If You Cannot Fly

March 11, 2010

LABEL: Vernon Yard

Small Factory was formed in Providence RI in 1991 by Alex Kemp, Dave Auchenbach and Phoebe Summersquash.  Their second LP, For If You Cannot Fly, is a simple lo fi indie rock gem. The album was released on Vernon Yard, a subsidy of the monster label, Virgin in 1994. “The Last Time We Talked,” the first song on the album was a small success, and the video was shown on MTV’s cult classic, 120 Minutes.  For If You Cannot Fly is a candy coated heartache. Providence is not the happiest place on earth, it rains often and can be depressing, much like this album.  Each song tells a story about a sad heartbroken soul trying to find his or her way.  The hit song, “The Last Time We Talked,” is an anthem of acrimony. Lyrics such as, “the last time that we talked, it was one of those talks that doesn’t make you feel good but I felt better,” and “the last time you said it was fixed, I was still getting fucked.”  “Three Months Later”  displays dating dismay with lyrics like, “A little while later/I find out I hate her.”  Sadly, For If you Cannot Fly was Small Factory last album.  All three members contributed vocals to the album, and after Small Factory, Alex Kemp and Phoebe Summersquash formed the Godrays. The Godrays’ album, Songs For T.V Stars will be reviewed.  Truly underrated, Small Factory was an indie rock gem from a small state.

RM CRESSER © 2010 500 Rad Records



  1. Hey Rachel..

    Can you email me again? I’m part of Girls Rock RI.

    I couldn’t find your email that you sent to me..so this is the only way I knew of getting in touch with you.


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