the Pinkerton Award

December 9, 2010

So I decided to make a music award of year, why not? I call it the Pinkerton award, and it goes to the band with the most personal and saddest album of the year.

Why Pinkerton? Easy, because Pinkerton, Weezer’s second album was so personal, excellent and sad, Rivers tried to forgot about it until he learned that it had a cult follow. Pinkerton is amazing record, and bands who really put their soul and heart into an album will receive this award, or just a recognition from only me.

Rivers, I just made this up, so don’t get bent out of shape. I am a member of your Pinkerton cult, and please read the first review of my blog.

Good Job Thermals, Personal Life gets the Pinkerton Award of 2010! Now make a happy album.

Top of 2010, soon to come!



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