Welcome Back Matt Pinfield and 120 Minutes.

July 30, 2011

The days of 120 Minutes. A wonderful two hour program that introduced young minds willing to stay up late to new and old indie and ‘buzz alternative’ bands. Ending in 2003, the show ran for 17 years.  MTV actually pulled the show in 2000, and sending it to MTV2 where it aired until 2003. Like the rest of the networks, MUSIC television was officially dead  succumbing to the hype of reality tv shows. Perhaps after almost ten years of reality shows, folks are sick of it. Also returning this year are brand spanking new episodes of old nineties favorites such as Beavis and Butthead. To sweeten the MTV nostalgia, indie music fans recently learned of the return of 120 minutes. However, 120 Minutes is no longer on Sunday at midnight, but on now Saturday at 1 am, hoping to catch the SNL audience.  Also, its no longer on MTV, but again on MTV2.

According to MTV.com, Pinfield is thrilled to be reunited with 120 Minutes.  Matt Pinfield, is not the original host of 120 Minutes, for Dave Kendall created and hosted the show until the early nineties. The question is, will it be the same groundbreaking influential show it once was?  In the article, Pinfield mentioned bands such as Sleigh Bells and Das Racist. Das Racist? 120 Minutes will now take on indie hip hop as well rock. Not only will video watchers get to learn about the underground indie rock bands, but now the indie hip hop community will have the opportunity to thrive off the show as well.  120 Minutes did air videos from different types of artists outside the indie genre at times. Goth rock Marilyn Manson even hosted the show a few times. It will be interesting to see what is considered a band situable for the modern 120 minutes. I predict the following bands will be apart of the video line up. The Thermals, Best Coast, the Cool Kids, and Wavves to name a few. Pinfield promised in the article that the show is more action packed. All this writer hopes for is another episode hosted by Thurston Moore and Beck, which is quite possible considering Moore’s new album, Demolished Thoughts was produced by Beck.

As we are learning, MTV is somewhat struggling. Still nervous to change the reality TV format, MTV is putting classic revamped shows onto its other stations. So my question to you MTV why are you resurfacing old shows? MTV has been on the air for thirty years, and let’s face it, its been dead for the last 15 years. With quality viewing such as Jersey Shore, why not show anything else?  Its no longer working is it? In all due honesty, I have not watched MTV or its clones in years.  However, tonight I will.

As a fellow music lover, bring back music television. Its what the people want. Whats not a better way to start off with Matt Pinfield and 120 Minutes. One step at a time, MUSIC television. One step at a time.

RM CRESSER © 2011 500 Rad Records


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