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Rhode Island’s Newest Folk Roots Movement

December 22, 2011

Rhode Island is known for interesting music. Whether its the noise bands out of Providence, or the current emergence of folk and bluegrass, the ocean state has a variety of musicians that offer many talents.

Currently, the state is seeing a new wave of bluegrass, alternative country and folk. Some of the best acts include the alt-country sounds of Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch, the indie folk styling of Andrew Spatz, the nitty-gritty of Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons and bluegrass’ newest talent, Big River Stomp.

Big River Stomp hails from West Greenwich, featuring guitarist James Studley, Jeff Budzinski, Matt Dipinto, and Jesse Burdick on banjo. Each musician brings forth a rich bluegrass background with strong vocal talents. Burdick’s styling on banjo goes from backyard to big stage having shared the stage with well known bluegrass musicians such as Bourbon Boys and String Fingers.

Big River Stomp offers the sounds of traditional bluegrass, as well as the modern sounds of newgrass. Like any good cowboy story, each song tells detailed tales of life.

Big River Stomp is a band not to miss in the folk roots emergence of the smallest state in the union.

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500 Rad Records Welcomes 2012

December 21, 2011

As we approach 2012, 500 Rad Records is getting a facelift for the new year. We are changing some ways we are doing things, for instance the introduction of new bands, local and national. We will also take on live show reviews, and new albums. We will introduce comics, and essentially became a music online zine. We look forward to these changes, and don’t worry we still have about 480 more classic albums to review! 


Happy Holidays from the 500 Rad Records,



Stay tuned for a best of 2011 list, and an introduction to a new local band.